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WAV: Theodore Falls For Juliet
WAV: Olympics Theme
WAV: Brooks: The Beaches Of...
WAV: Eagles: Best Of My Love
WAV: Journey: Open Arms Intro
WAV: Journey: Don't Stop
WAV: Journey: Schon: Patiently
WAV: Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
WAV: Jim Croce: Operator
WAV: Pink Floyd: Hello
WAV: Pink Floyd: No Education
WAV: Eddie Money: Two Tickets...
WAV: Stairway To Heaven
WAV: Billy Joel: Piano Man
WAV: Brooks: The Beaches Of...
WAV: Mellencamp: R.O.C.K.
WAV: Eagles: Take It Easy
WAV: Journey: Separate Ways
WAV: Journey: Good To Yourself
WAV: Journey: Anytime
WAV: Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody II
WAV: Joel: Just The Way You Are
WAV: Seger: Old Time Rock & Roll
WAV: Moody Blues: Lovely To See
WAV: Wish You Were Here
WAV: T. Jacks: Seasons In Sun
WAV: B. Tyler: It's A Heartache
WAV: Carmen: All By Myself
WAV: Foreigner: Hot Blooded
WAV: Sweet Home Alabama
WAV: Queen: Another One Bites...
WAV: Vaughan: Ain't Giving Up...
WAV: Vaughan: Like A Texan Should
WAV: Lita Ford: Fantasy
WAV: Jovi: I'll Be There For You
WAV: Genesis: Misunderstanding
WAV: Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
WAV: The Cure: Pictures Of You
WAV: The Cure: Always Love You
WAV: Rush: Red Alert
WAV: Tears For Fears: Breath
WAV: Tyler: Total Eclipse
WAV: Cheap Trick: I Want You
WAV: S Miller: Fly Like An Eagle
WAV: Scorpions: Rock You Like A
WAV: Ford: Hold On To Dreams
WAV: Vaughan: Talk With You
WAV: Bon Jovi: Always
WAV: Thorogood: Long Distance
WAV: Rush: Tom Sawyer
WAV: Genesis: Invisible Touch
WAV: Blondie: The Tide Is High
WAV: Petty: Don't Come Around
WAV: Henley: All She Wants To Do
WAV: Springsteen: No Surrender
WAV: Bangles: Manic Monday
WAV: Rockwell: Watching Me
WAV: Mr. Mister: Broken Wings
WAV: Billy Joel: Bigshot
WAV: Mechanics: The Living Years
WAV: Whitesnake: Is This Love?
WAV: Wine: Between You And Me
WAV: Collins: In The Air Tonight
WAV: Chicago: Look Away
WAV: Def Leppard: Pour Some
WAV: Dr. Hook: Sharing The Night
WAV: Lennon: Woman
WAV: Yes: It Can Happen
WAV: Heart: What About Love
WAV: Meatloaf: Two Out Of Three
WAV: Dr. Hook: When Your In Love
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Rock And Roll
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Custard Pie
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Dancing Days
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Dancing Days1
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Dancing Days2
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Rain Song
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Rain Song
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Song Remains
WAV: Led Zeppelin:Song Remains1
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Over the Hill
WAV: Led Zeppelin:The Ocean
WAV: Kitty Cat Meows 3 Times
WAV: Snarl
WAV: AG: Roar
WAV: Tiger Roars
WAV: Kitten Mews Three Times
WAV: One Bird Sings
WAV: I Will Always Love You
WAV: Led Zeppelin: Whole Lott...
WAV: Blackhawk: Love This Hot
WAV: Love It When You Call Me
WAV: Led Zeppelin: My Love
WAV: How About A Poke?
WAV: Prince: When Doves Cry
WAV: Cat Purring
WAV: Lion Roar
WAV: AG: Roar # 3
WAV: Birdie Sound Effect
WAV: 2 Or 3 Birds Singing
WAV: Days Of Our Lives
WAV: Love Way You Turn Me On
WAV: Hi Darlin'
WAV: Cocoon: If This Is Foreplay
WAV: Sonny&Cher: I Got You Babe
WAV: Born To Be Wild Intro
WAV: She's Out Of My Life
WAV: Witheres: Lean On Me
WAV: Bette Midler: The Rose
WAV: Carpenters: Only Just Begun
WAV: Commodores: 3 Times A Lady
WAV: Grease: We Go Together
WAV: Brooks: Friends In Low...
WAV: Jennings: Luckenbach, Texas
WAV: Chapin-Carpenter: Kiss Me
WAV: Byrd: The Keeper Of The...
WAV: Twain: Whose Bed Have
WAV: Female: See Ya Later Sugah
WAV: Hi Sexy
WAV: Chipmunks: Witch Doctor
WAV: Beatles: Good Day Sunshine
WAV: Monkees: I'm A Believer
WAV: Air Supply: Every Woman
WAV: Baez: Blowin' In The Wind
WAV: Journey: Faithfully
WAV: Newton-John: Xanadu
WAV: Air Supply: Lost In Love
WAV: Grease: Greased Lightning
WAV: Rogers: Gambler
WAV: McGraw: I Like It
WAV: Tritt: Didn't Say
WAV: Twain: Any Man Of Mine
WAV: White: Rebecca Lynn
WAV: Seal: Kiss From A Rose
WAV: Wham: Wake Me Up
WAV: M. Jackson: Don't Stop
WAV: Jewel: Were Meant For Me
WAV: Tritt: Help Me Hold On
WAV: Brown: She's Not The Che...
WAV: Williams: There's A Tear...
WAV: Nelson: On The Road Again
WAV: Tippin: My Blue Angel
WAV: Loveless: A Little Bit In..
WAV: McBride: Wild Angels
WAV: Whitley: Would These Arms
WAV: Whitley: Ten Feet Away
WAV: Brooks: She's Every Woman
WAV: Adkins: Every Light In...
WAV: Chapin-Carpenter: Kiss Me
WAV: The Mask: Ssssssssssmoking!
WAV: Parsons: Eye In The Sky
WAV: Aaliyaa: One In A Million
WAV: Tritt: Anymore
WAV: Williams: Ain't Misbehavin'
WAV: B&D: A Man This Lonely
WAV: Lee: Lookin' For Love
WAV: Jones: Same Ole Me
WAV: Judd: Judd:Only Love
WAV: Alabama: My Home's In Al...
WAV: Whitley: Don't Close Your
WAV: Whitley: Stranger To Rain
WAV: Carter: Strawberry Wine
WAV: B&D: Brand New Man
WAV: Mandrell: Sleeping Single
WAV: Lauper: Girls Just Wanna
WAV: Yes: Owner/Lonely Heart
WAV: Angel Of The Morning
WAV: Newton: The Sweetest Thing
WAV: McLachlan: Possession
WAV: Nilsson, Without You
WAV: T. Jones: Delilah
WAV: You'll Never Walk Alone
WAV: Saving All My Love For You
WAV: Just When I Needed You Most
WAV: Ketchum: Fall In Love Again
WAV: Montgomery: Life's A Dance
WAV: Paycheck: Someone To Give
WAV: Morrison: Brown-Eyed...
WAV: Airplane: Somebody To Love
WAV: What's New Pussycat?
WAV: Ambrosia: How Much I Feel
WAV: Honeydrippers: Sea Of Love